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  1. The Town Office is now accepting credit/debit cards and may accept tax/utility payments online!

    The Town of Orono is happy to accept credit/debit cards and may accept tax/utility payments online... Read on...
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The Town Office serves as the first line of contact for many Orono residents. Town staff not only provides front counter service where all the functions of the town clerk, tax collector and treasurer are available, they are also the public relations ambassadors for the town. When someone moves to town, they frequently come into the Town Office looking for a variety of information such as a map of the city streets, the garbage pickup and recycling schedules, information about available rental units, guides to businesses, the procedure to register their motor vehicles and how to change the name on the tax bill and sewer bill. Numerous phone calls are received every day asking for phone numbers to both other town departments but also to the post office or the Chamber of Commerce; lawyers and banks call requesting tax and sewer balances and at income tax time there are many requests for the prior year’s excise tax and property tax payments,

Town Finances
Some of the financial duties of the Town Office include receipting all payments made, including counting cash received at the town pool during the summer and for other recreation programs during the year and depositing funds collected by all departments. Payroll and accounts payable invoices are processed in the town office and all expenditures are accounted for by department in accordance with generally accepted accounting procedures. The Town serves as an agent for the Secretary of State by registering vehicles and collecting sales tax owed to the state for newly purchased automobiles and trucks. The office issues resident and non-resident fish and wildlife licenses, annually licenses dogs, records and issues copies of vital records and marriage licenses, conducts elections and prepares council agendas, takes minutes and preserves meeting records and town ordinances.

The Town Office is responsible for preparing material to be broadcast on the local cable channel including announcements and broadcast of important meetings. Whether the information is financial or more general, the Town Office personnel can either provide it or know who to contact for accurate and relevant answers.