Property Tax / Sewer General Information

The tax collector / sewer department office is located in the Town Office. Taxes are due annually twice a year with the first installment due in September and second installment in February.  Interest on unpaid taxes start immediately following the due dates. The interest rate on unpaid taxes is 7%. The current tax rate is $24.40 per $1000 of assessed value. Bills are mailed to taxpayers once a year in August. 

Sewer accounts are due on a quarterly basis depending on the location of your residence.   As a general guideline, all sewer accounts are due by the 20th of the month following the cycle's close, to avoid accruing additional interest.  The minimum standard charge for town sewer is  $55.20 per 1,200 cubic feet.  For each 100 cubic feet above 1,200 there is an additional charge of $4.60/100.  For unmetered service, the charge per quarter is $86.26 / 1,900 cubic feet.
Should you purchase or sell a property/business in Orono, your closing company should contact our office to update the tax/sewer accounts with the correct information at the time of closing.  Our fax number is: 207-866-5053.

All requests for tax and sewer information must be directed to:  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept phone calls or faxes for this information.