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Posted on: February 2, 2017

Parking Ban regarding Snow Removal

Along with the general Overnight Parking Ban that runs from November 1st to April 15th, the Town Ordinance prohibits parking (or remaining) on any parking area, street, or public way in a manner that hinders or interferes with snow removal or street cleaning.  See the Ordinance reference below.

Sec. 34-98. - Parking in public and municipal parking areas; vehicles not to interfere with street cleaning or snow removal.

Subject to the supervision of the town manager and chief of police, authority and permission is hereby given to park motor vehicles in the public parking area between Mill and Pine Streets and any other municipal parking areas. Provided, however, that no vehicle shall at any time be parked or allowed to remain in or upon any such public parking area or upon any street or public way within the town so as to interfere with or hinder street cleaning or snow removal. Any officer of the police department may cause any vehicle so parked on any such street, way or public parking area so as to interfere with or hinder snow removal to be moved therefrom and placed in a suitable place at the expense of the owner of such vehicle.

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