Land Use Maps & Regulations

The entirety of the Code of Ordinances is available online here. The most pertinent information for planning purposes is Chapter 18: Land Use, available at this link.

The Town of Orono map viewing site is built with modern web technology, so the controls and how it works should be familiar because they are like other websites you visit. The site and maps can be used on iPhones and Android phones, tablets, and desktop/laptop computers. The site can be used to display different layers (data) about the town, including parcels, rental registration, trails, soils, open spaces, and zoning. The data are maintained by the Town of Orono.

The maps are intended for planning purposes. Please contact the Town of Orono with questions.

This Spatial IT/Geographic Information System (GIS) site was built and is managed by Corson GIS Solutions.

In addition, pdf copies of the Zoning Map and Shoreland Zoning Overlay Map are available at this link.