The Mission of the Orono Police Department is “To Protect and Serve” – To Protect with vigilance the safety, rights, property, and peace of all. To Serve with compassion and excellence, striving to provide aid and support to any and all in need.

Vision Statement
It is the vision of the Orono Police Department to provide exemplary community-oriented policing services; creating partnerships and problem solving strategies that promote safety, security, and well-being for all.

Core Values

  • Respect – We will treat all people with fairness and dignity, recognizing that to earn respect we must demonstrate it in all that we do.
  • Compassion – We will show genuine concern and empathy for others, always honoring our responsibility to do what is legally, ethically, and morally right.
  • Vigilance – We will be ever alert and aware, approaching all duties with diligence and steady care.