Town Manager

Over fifty years ago, Orono voters adopted the Town Council–Town Manager form of municipal government. Under this format, policy decisions are made by the elected municipal officers (Town Council), while the administrative and executive duties are overseen by a professional, non-partisan administrator (Town Manager). The Town Manager, who is appointed and overseen by the Town Council, is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Town and implementing the policies adopted by the Town Council. The Town Council’s policy role is to determine “what” the Town does and the Town Manager determines “how” the policy is implemented or goals are met. The Town Manager also assists with the Town Council’s policy-making process with technical advice and other support.

One of the Town Council’s stated priorities is that the Town of Orono will support a diverse workforce that provides high-quality and inclusive services to the community in an equitable manner.  To that end, the Town Manager’s Office strives to identify the community’s needs and priorities in order to determine how the Town can best respond. Direct communication between the people of Orono and the office is the first and best source of that information. The office is here to help people navigate Town services, ordinances, and processes. Anyone in need of assistance to participate in Town activities should contact the Town Manager to discuss the needed accommodation.  

While talking directly with the pertinent department supervisor is often the best way to resolve concerns, the Town Manager can also field questions and address issues related to Town operations. If you are unsure of which department to contact or whether your issue is Town-related, please contact the Town Manager’s Office either by telephone or email, or through the Contact Us Form on the Town’s website.