Book Lists, Reviews, Groups & Associations

General Lists

Indie Best Sellers Reported weekly by independent booksellers across America, the Indie Bestseller Lists let you know what indie readers are buying right now.

Library Reads! Check out the website for a list of monthly suggested titles from librarians.

New York Times Best Sellers Get the lists of NYT Best Sellers on line a full week before they are in print.

Oprah's Book Club See what Oprah and her many fans are reading and talking about.

Powell's Book Bestsellers Top 50 weekly sellers from one of the worlds greatest bookstores.

Publisher's Weekly Internet resources related to books for children and young adults; booklists, authors, and ideas.

Super Summary The site offers book summaries and study guides of many newer books as well as classic titles.

Goodreads A social networking website to find books you want to read, and see reviews from "normal people" on titles you're curious about.

Genre Lists

African American Literature Book Club Booklists, author lists, and film reviews too!

All About Romance offers extensive reviews, raves & rants, and grades from A-F of your next romance read.

Good Reads Create a free account to find new suggestions you might like, make lists of books you would like to read or have read, and see what your friends are reading.

Historical Novel Society Historical reviews and guides.

Horror Writers Association You may create an account, or not, but you can still access book lists. Young adult, poetry, and Halloween sections too!

The Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards Lists major winners and all science fiction awards!

Mystery Readers International lists Macavity Award winners, blog pages, and mysteries about chocolate, to name a few of their features.

The Romance Reviews provides reviews, searches based on author and title, and subgenre lists like GLBTA.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Reviews and Nebula awards!

Stop, You're Killing Me! a mystery lovers hub. Search by authors last name, character, hardcover or paperback, read-alikes, and award winners.

Thrillers/Suspense on Book Reporter Each week there are new reviews of suspense and thriller authors.

Western Writers of America Spur awarded booklists, Hall of Famers, a catalog of members books by fiction, nonfiction, young adult and juvenile. This resource is great for people of all ages who love westerns!

Multicultural Book Awards:

Asian American Literary Awards Awarded by the Asian American Writers Workshop.

Lambda Literary Awards LGBTQ titles with sections for reviews, interviews, different categories of awards.