Street & Stream Cleanup 2021

There’s something we can do to make Orono even more beautiful this time of year.

Though the Town is unable to host the Street & Stream Cleanup in the same form as in years past, you can still get fresh air and exercise, not to mention the sense of accomplishment that comes with taking trash to task, by volunteering to clean up the neighborhood.

Volunteer teams have from now up to June 20th to register and participate!

Register your group by filling out the form at this link. 

Registering will qualify you to receive cleaning and disposal supplies to be picked up outside the Town Office (indicate on form whether you need supplies). 

Please include your collected trash with your regular curbside trash pickup. Be careful about the trash you pick up! If it’s too heavy, or if it is potentially contaminated (needle, soda bottle, etc), be safe! Mark the location for Public Works or Public Safety and call Rob Yerxa at 207-889-6101.

After you’ve finished, show off your hard work by emailing us photos of your cleaned-up area. Group photos we receive by Saturday, June 20th will be registered to receive a mailed update with statistics and special thanks from the Town. 

The Town of Orono recommends this group activity be limited to those in the same household. If you plan to coordinate with others to clean the same area, remember to keep the total persons to under ten (10), and practice safe physical (6 feet between) distancing.

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