Getting Your Car Registered

View these checklists to make each of the transactions go smoothly!


To register a new automobile from a dealer, Include:
     1. Application for MVT-2 Certificate of Title (Blue paper)
     2. Purchase and Sales Agreement or lease agreement from dealership
     3. If this is a Brand-New Vehicle, we need the Monroney Label, also known as the window sticker
     4. Current insurance displaying the VIN #, Make/Model, and effective dates
     5. BMV Verification Form - Download here
     6. Current mileage
     7. A check or money order made out to the Town of Orono.
     Mail to: Town of Orono, 59 Main Street, Orono ME 04473

If the NEW vehicle is being completed as a TRANSFER of CREDIT from a previously owned vehicle, you will need to provide a copy of the previous registration or the plate number so we may access your record.

To register a new automobile purchased through private sale, include:
     1. A Certificate of Title signed over to you by the owners listed on the front of State Title
     2. A Bill of Sale which lists the VIN # made, detailing the amount paid and signed by owners
     3. Current insurance displaying the VIN #, Make/Model, and effective dates
     4. Current mileage
     5. BMV Verification Form - Download here
     6. A check or money order made out to the Town of Orono
     Mail to: Town of Orono, 59 Main Street, Orono ME 04473

For private sales, all registrants should be present at time of registration or remotely sign the MVT-2 Title application. Previous Titles must also be complete with no cross-outs or errors.

To renew registration for an automobile already registered in Orono, include:
     1. Copy of previous registration or the Plate #
     2. Current insurance displaying VIN #, Make/Model, and effective dates
     3. Current mileage
     4. A check or money order made out to the Town of Orono
     Mail to: Town of Orono, 59 Main Street, Orono ME 04473

For renewals, there is an online option, which includes a transaction fee of 2.5% of the total transaction cost, unless using an electronic check, which removes the service fees:  Maine Rapid Renewal

To register a new automobile using an excise credit from a vehicle which you do not have possession of include:
     1. Proof of insurance
     2. Yellow registration from the previous automobile reflecting the credit to be transferred to the new vehicle
     Mail to: Town of Orono, 59 Main Street, Orono ME 04473

If you have a complicated situation regarding a motor vehicle, please call our office (207) 866-2556, Option 2
In most cases, office staff can provide a rough estimate of automobile registration cost for Orono residents if all information is provided ahead of time. If purchasing an out of state/country, you must present all documents from various sources and anticipate some delay.  

Title Application

Use Tax Certificate

For any questions, to ensure proper document preparations, and quotes, please call the Town Office at (207) 866-2556, Option 2.

Excise Tax and Other Fees


Mil Rate X MSRP Price













So… why is the excise tax based on MSRP?        

Excise tax was designed with equity in mind. In 1925, this tax was enacted as a Maine law. At that time, the Legislature decided that the fairest tax assessment would be based on what the manufacturer suggests it sell for.  This law has remained in effect for nearly 100 years to ensure that everyone who drives the same vehicle pays the same amount of tax. 

Other fees are calculated using the following rates:

First Time Registration Cost: 
Excise Tax + Plate Fees + Agent Fees ($6) +Title ($33.00) and Sales Tax (Cost X .055)      
Renewal Cost:  Excise Tax + Plate Fees + Agent Fees ($5)

Maine vehicles must pay a plate use fee of $35.00 annually in addition to calculated Excise Tax and Agent Fees.  Specialty plates will add an additional fee of $15-30 per plate in addition to the regular plate use fee of $35.00.

Vanity plates may only be ordered through Bangor, Augusta /or Online.  The vanity fee is $25.00 and must be registered annually to retain the plate.  If a vanity registration lapses more than six months, you must re-apply for the plate again to the Secretary of State.

1995 automobiles and newer must complete an MVT-2 Title Application and may not be registered without presenting a title the first time.  If a lien holder has the previous title, you must present the original finance documents or a statement from lien holder which outlines the payment address and schedule.

If the vehicle is purchased from a private sale, sales tax is calculated by the following:
Vehicle Price X .055.  Vehicles which are gifted between family, friends or acquaintances must complete a $0 sales tax form.  All cars being registered the first time must have a Bill of Sale and MVT-2 Title along with proof of insurance to complete.  Each person listed on registration must sign the Title application.