Contact The Town

Direct dial numbers are provided. To email an individual listed below, please use the first initial of the person’s first name followed by their full last name then ""

Not sure who to contact? Fill out a general contact form at this link. Thank you.

Town Clerk Shelly Crosby 207-889-6904
Interim Town Manager Cornell Knight 207-889-6905
Assistant Town Manager Position Vacant 207-889-6900
Town Manager's Office Position Vacant 207-889-6900
Economic Development Mitch Stone 207-889-6909
Public Works Rob Yerxa 207-889-6101
Sewer & Wastewater Chris Prue 207-889-6985
Finance Zach Turner 207-889-6901
Parks & Recreation Meghan Mazzella 207-889-6913
Code Enforcement Patrick Estey 207-889-6910
Planning Isabelle Oechslie 207-889-6908
Assessing Marc Perry 207-889-6909
COVID-19 Support Staff Michelle Beal 207-889-6949