Household Hazardous Waste Dropoff Day

Participants: Residents of Old Town and Orono. Proof of residency is required. 

Date: Saturday, May 15, 2021 (rain or shine) 

Time: 8:00am to 12:00pm (Gate closed promptly at noon) 

Location: Recycling Center, 246 Gilman Falls Avenue, Old Town, Maine 

For more information: Visit this link or call 207.827.3974

What to bring for drop off:

•    Adhesives, glues, resins

•    Hobby supplies, artist supplies

•    Oil paint

•    Stains, thinners and stripper

•    Car batteries, dry cell batteries

•    Engine degreasers, brake fluids

•    Transmission fluids

•    Waste fuels (kerosene, gasoline) 

•    Insecticides, weed killers, poisons

•    Pesticides

•    Propane cylinders: 1lb & 20lb only

•    Swimming pool chemicals

•    Wood preservatives

•    Aerosol cans

•    Cleaners, spot removers

•    Computers, TVs, electronic equipment

•    Hearing aid (button-style) batteries

•    Nicad batteries

•    Photo chemicals, chemistry sets

What NOT to bring:

•    Ammunition, fireworks, explosives

•    Infectious and biological waste

•    Prescription medicines/syringes

•    Radioactive waste

•    Unknown compressed gas cylinders

•    Tires

To ensure safety:


•    NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous materials

•    Do not place waste in plastic Garbage bags

•    Tighten caps and lids leaving material in original labeled containers

•    Sort and pack paint, pesticides and household cleaners separately

•    Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes and pad with newspaper

•    Pack your vehicle and go directly to the site