Environmental Services

Learn what the Town of Orono is doing to reduce its impact on the environment and how you can help by exploring the topics below. 

Environmental News!

Orono energy efficiency logo

Orono Energy Efficiency Fair 

Date: Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Time: 9am - 3:30pm

Location: Wells Conference Center - University of Maine, 131 Munson Rd, Orono, ME 04469

For more information and register to attend this free event, click here

WINDOW DRESSERS - Insulating Window Inserts


group photo of a window insert buildThe Town of Orono is hosting a WindowDressers event for the greater Bangor area. WindowDressers create Insulating Window Inserts that let in light while stopping drafts, give your window roughly double the insulation, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and lower your energy bills in the winter! Window inserts are custom built for your windows and are simply placed within the window in the winter for added insulation. No more sticky tape on your window sills!  

What you need to know: 

  • You can sign up online at windowdressers.org or email the Town's Environmental Services Coordinator if you are interested in buying low-cost insulating window inserts for your home. The inserts are free for those who cannot afford to pay, and low cost for middle and high income households. 
  • A team of volunteers will come to your home and measure the windows you would like to have inserts in (please have the locations cleared of blinds and furniture for easy access)
  • If you order inserts, we ask that you attend build sessions during the week of Oct 15th.  We keep our insert-prices exceptionally low (50%-75% cheaper than commercial products) through our non-profit model of cooperative insert-building. This means that customers contribute time at our local Community Builds. We recommend for every 3-5 inserts you order, you attend a 4 hour build shift.
  • All of the inserts are built during October 15-20th in two 4 hour building sessions each day at Keith Anderson Community House (19 Bennoch Road, Orono).

Click here for more information!


btmThe Town of Orono has created a citizen monitoring website for the invasive Browntail Moth (BTM) that is both a forest and human health concern. Click on the link above to learn more about BTM and help report BTM locations in Orono for BTM management. 

For information on the research being done to better understand, monitor, and control BTM please check out this summary report from the Forest Entomology Lab (UMaine's School of Biology and Ecology) led by Dr. Angela Mech. 


European fire ant under a microscopeThe Town of Orono is starting to monitor for the invasive European fire ant that is a nuisance pest to lawns and gardens of residents. Click here to learn more about European fire ants and help report infestation locations in Orono for management purposes. 


A bin of clothes that are being recycledNearly 10% of all trash in local landfills are textiles (i.e. clothes, shoes, purses, sheets, towels, hats, etc.). Apparel Impact provides towns and municipalities the opportunity to reduce their landfills of textiles and recover them; creating more local jobs, reducing landfill waste and reducing towns overall budgets spent on the disposal of textiles. 

There is a textile recycling bin that is on the side of the Birch St Senior Center (Thrift Store) in Orono. Please feel free to recycle spent/nonwearable condition textile items into this bin. Items must be dry, contain no odor or mold. Items DO NOT need to be in wearable condition. However, we encourage people to donate gently used clothing and other textiles to the Thrift Store to be worn by someone else.


A pile of cardboard boxes

Additional cardboard recycling bins are located at ND Paper for Orono residents. This cardboard will be recycled to make new cardboard. Cardboard will still be accepted during single sort recycling pick up.