Invasive Species

The Town of Orono is starting to monitor for invasive species. An invasive species is an organism (i.e. insect, plant, animal) that is not native to a particular area and generally causes harm to the native organisms present. If you would like to see where invasive species are mapped within Orono, please visit iMapInvasives Network and click "Public Map". 

Terrestrial Invasive Plants

The Orono Tree Board has been awarded funds to create Invasive Plant Control Practice Plans (IPCPP) for municipal owned public property. For example, an IPCPP was created in 2022 for the Jeremiah Colburn Natural Area and they are applying this year for funding to manage the invasive Buckthorn in the area. This year, they have applied to create an IPCPP for the High School public lot behind the track on the RSU #26 campus. Slowly, the Orono Tree Board plans to work through these conservation areas to manage the invasives. 

Aquatic Invasive Species

The Town of Orono has partnered with the Greater Pushaw Lake Association for funding to create a Courtesy Boat Inspector Program at Gould's Landing. To learn more about aquatic invasive species, visit our webpage here. 

Invasive Insects

The Town of Orono has been involved in monitoring Browntail Moth and European Fire Ant infestations within Orono.