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Town Manager's Office - FY24

Assumed Outcomes:

  • Provide high quality, inclusive, and responsive services that meet the service level and stewardship expectations as articulated and resourced by the Town Council;
  • Provide a pleasant, productive, safe, professional, inclusive, and equitable work environment for Town employees;
  • Facilitate the Town’s policy governance structure by supporting the Town Council’s policy development; 
  • Deploy available resources to ensure transparency in governance and data driven decision making; 
  • Ensure the general welfare of the public; and
  • Be the best University Town we can be.

Current Methods:

  • Develop and Oversee Budget
  • Facilitate Council Policy-Making Process and Maintain Related Records
  • Manage Town Personnel Policies
  • Oversee Safety Policies and Programs
  • Administer General Assistance Program
  • Publication of The Orono Observer and the Annual Report
  • Participation on Local, Regional & Statewide Boards and Committees
  • Serve as Primary Contact for Citizens re: Town Operations
  • Directly oversees financial functions and acts as Town Treasurer/Tax Collector
  • Manages Website and Social Media Accounts

Current Resources:


  • Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, and Executive Assistant to the Town Manager