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Community Development - FY 24 Code Enforcement, Planning, Economic Development & Assessing

Assumed Outcomes:

  • To ensure basic life safety standards in the community
  • To balance private property rights with codified community values and needs
  • To articulate community vision with regard to development 
  • To grow the Town’s tax base 
  • To provide fair and equitable assessment of all real and personal property
  • Work internally (with other Town departments) and externally (with the University, business community, and other stakeholders) to foster community pride of place
  • To provide high quality service to the public


  • Growth Management Act: Assuring that Land Use Ordinance is consistent with the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, which in turn must be consistent with the terms of the Growth Management Act
  • Administration and enforcement of Maine Uniform Building and Energy Codes (MUBEC)
  • MS4 requirements in planning and code enforcement, per the Town’s general stormwater discharge permit
  • Use State legislated minimum assessing standards to annually certify the equalized just value of all real and personal property in the community

Current Methods:

  • Enforce Building and Land Use Codes 
  • Facilitate and Provide Technical Support to Planning Board
  • Facilitate and Provide Technical Support to Board of Appeals
  • Manage Integrated Land Use Ordinance that includes zoning, subdivision regulations, site plan review, shoreland zoning, and floodplains
  • Review Codes for compliance in an ever changing regulatory environment and make recommendations for additions/revisions to better meet community needs
  • Facilitate the Comprehensive Planning process to codify vision and legal structure for Town Ordinances
  • Work with current and prospective businesses to grow and retain commercial enterprises in Orono
  • Review plans, approve permits, and perform inspections for new construction and property renovations
  • Oversee Rental Ordinance and Registration Process
  • Monthly inspection of Town to proactively identify potential code issues
  • Assistance to Orono Economic Development Corp., Town Manager, regional entities in support of economic growth
  • Process Tree Growth Roster for the State of Maine
  • Complete Municipal Valuation Report and all associated documents for the Maine Revenue Service 
  • Process abatement applications related to valuation
  • Complete BETE applications for Maine Revenue Services
  • Discuss valuations with taxpayers, real estate brokers and appraisers, and processing abatements and supplemental tax assessments

Current Resources:


Personnel:  4.5 FTE, 1 Contracted

  • (1) Economic Development Director
  • (0.5) Community/Business Support Officer (1 FTE Shared with Police)
  • (1) Code Enforcement Officer
  • (1) Town Planner
  • (1) Assessor (Independent Contractor)
  • (1) Administrative Assistant - Community Development