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Police Department - FY 24

Assumed Outcomes:

  • To provide high quality police service to the Town of Orono, in order to protect the lives, property, rights, and peace of all individuals; 
  • To protect the citizens and public from crime and the fear of crime;
  • To be highly responsive to community needs and safety;
  • To provide effective emergency response, aid and support, and help those in need whenever possible; and
  • To decrease Town liability.


  • Provision of municipal law enforcement is mandated by ordinance.  Additionally, several of the functions under the direction of the Police Department are mandated municipal functions (Concealed Weapons License Processing, Animal Control, and administrative support).  All activities undertaken by this department must comply with federal, state, and local regulations regarding employment, safety, and law enforcement.

Current Methods:

  • 24 hr/day patrol coverage, emergency response, and law enforcement
  • Full time presence in Elementary, Middle, & High Schools
  • Case Investigation & Court Preparation
  • Community Presentations, Programs, & Involvement
  • Liquor Law Enforcement and Training
  • Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program 
  • Animal Control Initial Response with Support from Regional ACO
  • Strong Mutual Aid Relationships
  • School Crossing Guards
  • Work Collaboratively with the Fire Department on Calls and Other Public Safety Matters
  • Concealed Weapons License Processing
  • Administrative Support (Postings, Delivering Municipal Documents, etc)
  • Active Professional Development & Sponsorship of Regional Training Opportunities
  • Participation on Local, Regional, & Statewide Boards and Committees
  • Co-coordination of Town's Emergency Response Plan


Current Resources:


Personnel: 15 FTE

  • Chief Law Enforcement Officer
  • Captain
  • Sergeants (3)
  • Detective Sergeant
  • Patrol Officers (7)
  • Community Services Officer
  • Director of Community Policing (Not Sworn Police Officer)



Capital Equipment:

  • 2 - Administrative Vehicles (Chief/Captain)
  • 1 - Detective Sergeant Response Vehicle
  • 4 - Frontline “marked” Patrol  
  • 1 - Spare Cruiser
  • 1-Training/Travel vehicle (No police equipment installed)