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Road Opening Permit Application

  1. Office Use Only

  2. Applicant Information

  3. The sum of $50.00 is payable as the permit fee. An escrow amount of $500.00 must be deposited with the Town of Orono prior to permit being issued. The holder of the permit and the contractor must be familiar with the Street Opening Ordinance (Chapter 32).

  4. Public Works
    Code Enforcement
    Town Manager

  5. Show distance of opening from curb or pavement edge, width, depth and length of opening nearest intersection street, street numbers and abutting properties, existing utilities, proposed locations or barricades, warning signs, detour signs and detour notes.

  6. Notice to Applicant

  7. 1. This for is an application only and no excavation work to commence until the Street Opening Permit has been issued.

  8. 2. No excavation work is to commence until DIG SAFE and all underground facility operators have been duly notified of the work 3 business days in advance, in accordance with the current State of Maine statutory requirements.

  9. 3. All work must conform to the requirement of the Street Opening Permit and the current copy of the "Rules and Regulations" as issued by the Town of Orono.

  10. 4. Fee: ___________ Make checks payable to: Town of Orono.

  11. Statement of Agreement

    I am duly authorized to execute this application and have reviewed and will comply with the above. I further agree to comply with all requirement of the Street Opening Permit and agree to pay and subsequent charges, which may become due as a result of my failure to comply with any of the permit requirement of the Right of Way Ordinance.

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